Welcome to my website! I'm so excited to share my music, my faith and my life with you! So much has happened since I recorded my debut album, You Reign. I was blessed to take a position as the worship and arts director at my local church, and over the past three years I have served faithfully there. But God is calling me to reach out beyond my community and my church, and I am happy to answer the call to continue in music, ministry, and following His lead.  I hope that you enjoy my music, and I pray you find the peace, joy and freedom that God offers each and every one of us! Love, Marla  

Oh That We Would Praise The Lord! 

Recently I went to see a friend's rock band perform, and the show was amazing! When they played the last song, the crowd went crazy for the guitarists' licks. I mean crazy! People were jumping, screaming, hands raised- the enthusiasm was contagious, and almost the entire crowd out of their seats and shouting, clapping and cheering their performance. My eyes were drawn to one particular woman, who was on her feet jumping and dancing, her hands raised in excitement. As the music built, her enthusiasm grew…Read more

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