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Let go of self limiting beliefs, get ready for change, set goals, develop an action plan, and step into the life God has planned for you! 

Springtime is all about the renewal of life. All around us, the trees and flowers start to grow and bloom, and everything that was dead is now lush, green and beautiful. It’s such a joyful time after a barren season of gray days and seemingly endless rainy nights; spring’s new life and beauty inspire us to start anew as well and we go about the work of getting rid of the old stuff to make way for the new.

When spring comes along, I am usually focused on the idea of spring cleaning- anyone else like that? Notice I said the idea of spring cleaning – I always put together a list of things I want to do in the spring: clean the closets, clear out the garage, get rid of old clothes, have a garage sale, paint my furniture and give it new life, etc. And I do make a little progress on my to do list before I decide to move onto to something else that captures my attention and forget all about my spring cleaning goals. But one positive thing comes from this process – I actually sit down and identify the things I’d like to do to make some positive changes in my environment. I find it’s much easier to focus on the external changes I need to make and avoid the work that needs to be done on the inside, where real change happens. For many years I have focused on what I could change on the outside, and ignored what I needed to do on the inside – am I alone in this?

 Truth be told, superficial changes really mean nothing if we are still walking in a dead season in our lives, our minds focused on the past, and our hearts not ready, or willing, to embrace a new start. God wants us to have life and have it to the fullest – His mercies are new every morning and we have the opportunity to start fresh everyday and move boldly into the plans that He has for us. It’s easy to read that, it’s easy to write it too, but it is hard to put into practice. So we continue to live on in the dreary winter season, hoping for springtime to come, not knowing that all we have to do is step out into the Son and enjoy a season of renewal. We allow our doubts, fears, and insecurities to keep us bound in the winter of our minds, and it’s time to come out and enjoy the Sonshine!!!

This past year has been a bit of winter for me, and I have had to walk through some difficult times to let go of past hurts once and for all. My father and I didn’t have a relationship to speak of, and when he died last year I spent a good amount of time considering whether I could have/should have done more to repair the relationship. In reflecting on this, I realized that so many of my present relationships have been affected by the abandonment I experienced at an early age. If my father left me, certainly others would leave as well, right? So my friendships, save a few close people, are shallow ones – you can’t be hurt if you’re not in too deep when they leave you. Many of the insecurities that have held me back from fearlessly chasing my dreams stemmed from the sense of not being good enough. After my parents divorced, my dad went on to have four other daughters, all of whom had some sort of relationship with him that I never had; when he died it was obvious that those were his “real” children, the ones he cared for, the ones he invested in, the ones he made an effort with. I realized that though it was never spoken, this feeling was there: at some time in my life, maybe after another birthday where he didn’t call or show, I had adopted this belief that I just wasn’t good enough.

That feeling of not being good enough caused me to doubt myself on so many occasions, like in high school when my music teacher didn’t recommend me for the lead in the musical because she didn’t like me. I know most students say that, but she really didn’t! I called her out for treating the students of color unfairly, and she treated me even worse after that. That year, I was only one of two girls in the spring musical who could sing the lead role, and the music teacher only recommended one of us (and it wasn’t me). The director, who I had worked with before, looked me straight in the eye and asked if there was anyone else who wanted to try out for the role, and I caved. If she didn’t think I could sing the part, then certainly I must not have been as good as the other girl. That music teacher actually called me at the end of school year and apologized because she didn’t give me an award that I should have received. She asked if she could make it up to me, and she brought an engraved award for outstanding vocalist to my house during the summer. But it was too little too late, and my already shaken teen confidence had been damaged and it took years for me to believe that I was a good enough singer.

I might have strayed off topic a bit, but what I‘m hoping you see is how we can easily get sucked into the dead season in our minds, where nothing grows or flourishes. This can happen over time, fueled by one disappointment after another, one negative word or action from someone who should have been in our corner, and eventually it shapes the way we think and live our lives. Many times we don’t even realize what’s happened until we are stuck living in defeat and we don’t know how to get out. It was only by God’s amazing love and faithfulness that I was able to walk out of that season. It was through prayer and devotion, small groups and Godly friends that I found encouragement. It was in leading worship that I finally found exactly what I was meant to do with this voice all along. And the month my dad passed away, I was working towards a promotion in my business, one that I had been trying unsuccessfully to reach for almost two years. God is so faithful, He showed up for me and my entire team in a way that we have never experienced, and not only did I make my promotion, but we had eight other promotions on my team! I could literally feel Him walking with me, every time I asked He provided, even on the last day when I was a couple of orders away from my goal, people called me out of the blue asking to order – that has literally never happened to me! My father – my true father, who had never left me, who had always chosen me, who had never failed me – poured out favor time and time again. It was a huge comfort during that time to know that He saw me, He heard me, and He blessed me! He wants to bless you too, the verses above and below are just two examples of the promises of God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.

To sum it all up, I had stuff in my mind that needed to be cleaned out so that I could move into God’s plan for my life, and maybe you do too. It’s time for you, my friend, to clean out the self-limiting mindsets and the beliefs and fears that are hold you back from God’s best. Let’s walk through the steps to determine if you are really ready for a change in your life; let’s set smart goals for success and develop a plan to see those goals to fruition; and let’s get rooted in the word to stay strong and work through the tough times when you feel like giving up. I’m excited to share with you what I have put into practice myself, and I hope that this spring cleaning will be a season of renewal and regrowth for your mind and your life too! Sign up below and get the entire series delivered to your inbox – I can’t wait to start this journey with you! 

A Prayer for Renewal

Dear Jesus, You said that you came so that I might have life and have it to the full, I accept that gift today. My sins, my failures, my shortcomings, my insecurities, have all been laid to death at the cross and buried in the grave. I have been given a new life, a fresh start, and new mercy each day. I will not live in defeat, in the past, in fear, in depression, in anxiety, another day. I choose joy, I choose peace, I choose love, I choose forgiveness, I choose freedom. I choose you, just as you chose me. I will step out into the glorious light of your love. I will walk with you, I will trust you, I will have faith, I will love you, and I will praise you for the marvelous change you’ve made in me. In Your Name, Amen.


  1. Alicia

    So exactly what I needed right now!! I’ve been going through some unhealthy mindsets and making that shift is very hard when it’s rooted so deeply. Excited for this series!!

    • admin

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!

  2. Cheri

    Beautifully written. Most of all i love how the teacher called you to apologize. That spoke volumes. Great story!

    • admin

      Thanks Cheri! I’m really glad you enjoyed this post.


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