Fantastic Fall Soups – Vegan, Gluten Free & Delicious!

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What’s Your Favorite Season?

  I have a confession to make – I always get a little down at the start of fall. I’m a warm weather girl, and the short, crisp days remind me that winter is coming. 

The one bright spot with cooler temperatures is this: I get to make soups – which I love! (Ok, I also love sweaters and boots and scarves, but you didn’t come here for my bad fashion advice!)

Soups are such a great choice for meals because they’re easy to prepare, can be super healthy, and are always great as leftovers. 

Today, I’m sharing  5 vegan and gluten free soup recipes that are super easy to make. These are my go to recipes because I can just get them on and leave them cooking while I’m working or doing some other super important mom stuff that keeps me from being the chef I dream I am in my mind (am I the only one?).

Everyone in the family loves them and I hope yours will too! 

Download  my 5 favorite fall soup recipes complete with shopping list today. Recipes included are my favorite minestrone, my broccoli soup that my youngest eats at least once a week, my hearty lentil soup that’s so good we eat leftovers for breakfast, my oldest daughter’s favorite black bean soup, and the only tomato soup I’ll ever eat! 

Try them all and let me know which one’s your favorite!