Hey! Thanks for stopping in!

A little bit about me: 

I am a born and raised California girl with a deep love for Jesus and music. My love for music led me to pursue my dream to be a professional singer my 30’s, a dream that I have had for as long as I can remember. In fact, one of my earliest memories is leading a song in my uncle’s church at the age of 3 – I was so small that my mom had to put me on a bench so the congregation could see who was leading!

In 2012, I started my own jazz band and was the lead singer of a blues band, and I felt like things were moving in the direction I wanted to go…but God had other plans. I knew I should be singing, but in clubs and at festivals and events was jut not where I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be back where it all started – in church. I was already on the worship team, and over time I was asked to take a leadership role and staff position, and I happily served at my church for several years as the worship director. 

Fast forward 10 years, and I’ve been blessed to minister to many congregations as a worship leader. I’ve also had the privilege of writing and releasing my own original songs, written with artists around the world, and recently added producing and composing to my musical “tool belt”!

I am so grateful to be able to spend my days working on music, it truly is a dream come true and one of the biggest blessings in my life! I love connecting with other artists and churches – if I can help or support your music or ministry please feel free to reach out!